Navigating issues of privacy, capacity, substitute decisions, health records, mental health, as corporate matters and hospital risk management, requires cost-effective and timely support for healthcare providers and hospitals to deliver quality care for the patients they serve.

Our care team provides general counsel for corporate health services. We understand that the legal challenges faced by corporate health services are unique, often urgent, and need to be addressed by a highly skilled and integrated legal team. At McKenzie Lake, we provide the understanding, experience, and expertise required to respond to these challenges.

  • Our Services

    Our services include:

    • Privacy issues in the collection, use and disclosure of personal health information
    • Capacity issues related to treatment, admission to long-term care, and property management
    • Involuntary admissions and forensic mental health
    • Substitute decision-making
    • Partnerships, joint ventures, strategic alliances
    • Litigation, dispute resolution, arbitration of business disputes
    • Corporate matters
    • Employment matters
    • Professional regulation and Disciplinary matters
    • Coroner's Inquests
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