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Challenging or contesting Provisions of a Will – Estate Litigation and Will Disputes

It is sadly all too common for the death of a loved one to spark conflict over his or her Estate, where those left mourning find themselves divided and at odds with one another.

McKenzie Lake’s Estate Litigation Lawyers regularly advise Estate Trustees, Trustees, Attorneys and Guardians on their fiduciary duties and other legal obligations and responsibilities. We are here to provide advice to those who need a greater understanding of their overall obligations in administering an Estate, including the passing of accounts (both contested and uncontested) and the disclosure obligations Estate Trustees and Power of Attorneys owe to beneficiaries.

If a testamentary instrument, such as a Will, is contested or challenged or needs to be challenged, our Estate Litigation Lawyers provide advice to and represent Estate Trustees, Trustees and beneficiaries. Commonly these cases arise where there are allegations of suspicious or contested circumstances concerning testamentary and related planning instruments, such as Powers of Attorney documents, especially allegations of undue influence, capacity issues, forgery, fraud or depletion of assets. We also advise on related issues such as insurance claims, dependent relief claims and constructive and/or resulting trust claims.

Whether our clients are making claims against the Estate or are acting on behalf of the Estate, our team works closely with our clients to ensure that their legal issues are moved forward to resolution by way of mediation or Court order with the goal of bringing an end to conflict over the Estate as quickly and effectively as possible.

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