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Mediation and Arbitration

Couples are increasingly choosing to resolve their family law issues through mediation or arbitration, rather than the costly and time consuming process of the courts. The team at McKenzie Lake is experienced in navigating these alternative dispute resolution processes with our clients.


Mediation offers an alternative for parties to resolve their family law matters using the mediator as a neutral facilitator. The process is generally a more timely and less expensive option than going to court. It has proved to be highly popular and successful in achieving resolution for parties. It has the additional advantages of being a confidential process that focuses on the needs and interest of parties and is less adversarial.


Arbitration is closer to the court process than mediation, though it remains more flexible than court in terms of the process used, is less time consuming, and is often less expensive. Arbitration provides a binding decision from a qualified decision-maker with specialized expertise in family law, often a former judge or highly experienced family law lawyer. If mediation has failed or if a situation is to adversarial for mediation to be a feasible option, arbitration may be a way to avoid the courts and resolve your matter in a private and confidential manner.

In addition to representing clients in mediation and arbitration, a member of our family law team, Alfred Mamo, is also a qualified and experienced mediator. After practicing family law for over 40 years, the majority of Alfred’s time is spent as a neutral expert conducting mediations and assisting parties and their lawyers in arriving at creative solutions that meet the needs of the family as a whole. For more information on Alfred’s services, visit his bio page here.

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