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Recreational/Sporting Injuries

I have been injured in a recreational/sporting accident. What are my rights?

Many injuries occur in recreational or sporting pursuits. Most of those injuries are part of the package – you tear your Achilles’ tendon while running a marathon or you fall when skiing because you lost control. 

Some injuries, however, can be caused due to negligence of others.  This may include the failure to mark hazards on a playing field or ski slope or failure to maintain equipment used by others, such as rental equipment.  Injuries can also occur when persons who are hired to train or guide others do their job improperly, or expose their guests to unnecessary risks.

Injuries can occur in all manner of sporting and recreational pursuits, such as scuba diving, ATV’ing or zip-lining, and in a variety of venues, such as winter sport resorts, pools, gyms, in or around watercraft, etc.

For many activities you may be required to sign a waiver of liability before participating. It is important to bring a waiver of liability to your lawyer’s attention as soon as possible.  The law regarding the enforcement of waivers is complex and, therefore, it is best that you consult a personal injury lawyer at your earliest opportunity to determine your rights and whether you have an actionable claim. 

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