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Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Traumatic Brain Injuries

There are many different types of brain injuries such as concussions, brain contusions, brain bleeds, penetrating brain injuries, anoxic brain injuries, diffuse axonal injuries known as DAI, and hypoxic brain injuries to name a few. Brain injuries can be mild, moderate, or severe. Unlike other types of injuries, it is not always obvious when a person is suffering from a brain injury. Often referred to as “invisible injuries” brain injuries typically manifest themselves as cognitive, emotional or behavioural symptoms, and cannot be seen from outward appearance. Nevertheless, these injuries can have a devastating impact on someone’s life and the lives of the people around them.

Cases involving head injuries or traumatic brain injuries require an experienced team that consists of both medical and legal professionals to ensure the injured person receives the treatment they need. McKenzie Lake Lawyers can help. Our firm will advocate for your rehabilitation and care needs as well as fair compensation.

If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic brain injury, contact our experienced personal injury lawyers at McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP in Guelph and London, Ontario, for a free initial consultation to discuss what you or someone close to you may be entitled to.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Suffering a spinal cord injury can have a devastating impact on the life of an injured person and on that individual’s friends and family. A spinal cord injury can often involve permanent or partial loss of sensory function and can also include related complications. Each spinal cord injury is different and require a unique approach to care, rehabilitation, and financial management. Those suffering from this kind of injury may be forced to endure challenging rehabilitation and the difficult process of adjusting to life in new circumstances. Family members and friends may also be required to make changes in their lives to ensure their loved one is appropriately supported and cared for.

McKenzie Lake Lawyers understands the physical, emotional, and financial burdens of living with a spinal cord injury. We are here to help.

If you or someone you know has experienced a spinal cord injury, the experienced personal injury lawyers at McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP in London and Guelph, Ontario, can assist to ensure that you have the treatment you need available to you and help ensure that you receive fair compensation.

Do You Need a Brain or Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer?

At McKenzie Lake Lawyers we provide an individualized approach to those who have sustained a spinal cord injury to ensure you are the centre of the legal experience. We have extensive experience dealing with spinal cord injuries and believe the key to recovery is having respectful and knowledgeable support in establishing you care team and navigating the legal process. 

We offer a free, no obligation consultation for all injury victims and their families. Take this opportunity to learn about your legal rights and to learn more about what our team can do for you and your family. Our goal is to help you navigate an uncertain time with certainty and trust in us so that you know you are taken care of.

When you have a legal matter and need to hire a lawyer, you may be able to pay for these services on a contingency basis. That means you only pay legal fees if you receive money because your case wins or you get a negotiated settlement. Please see our Contingency Fee section for answers to frequently asked questions and see each lawyer’s individual biography for their maximum contingency fee rates.

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