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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation or arbitration can save our clients time and money. We recommend alternative dispute resolution where appropriate because we know it works.

Going to court is not the only legal way to settle a dispute. At McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP, we give our clients options.

Our litigation lawyers will recommend mediation, arbitration or a private settlement in cases when it makes sense to do so. For the appropriate case, at the appropriate time, alternative dispute resolution can result in a timely and cost-efficient settlement. Depending on the case, some lawyers may choose to begin the alternate process before beginning formal litigation proceedings or during the litigation process, after legal and factual issues become crystallized.

Alternative dispute resolution methods are available for personal injury and disability, insurance defence and commercial litigation, but are used most frequently in family law cases.

In Ontario the family court system is overloaded with cases and often ineffectual at bringing about a timely settlement. Since alternate dispute resolution involves collaboration with all parties, settlements are more likely to be lasting.

In Mediation, the parties negotiate their own agreement in an atmosphere of reason and civility with the assistance and participation of a skilled mediator. In a collaborative family law case, each participant signs a binding contract that requires all participants to treat each other with honesty, openness and respect, and if there are children, the children’s interests are prioritized.

Our lawyers have the experience, insight and wisdom to know that the best interests of our clients are often best served by recommending the options of alternate dispute resolution.

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