If you are not changing you are standing still and if you are standing still, you are falling behind

-Angus McKenzie

As a student, selecting the right law firm is a difficult decision and one that can impact your legal career for years to come. 

While McKenzie Lake has roots extending back to 1953, the words quoted above continue to inspire a modern and forward-thinking approach. This approach is reinforced by our new contemporary offices, evolving practice areas, and top-of-the-line technology. These efforts help us to meet the changing needs of our clients and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Join us and see what it means to become part of an “Advantage. Created.”

Student Opportunities

A fulfilling student experience for rising students-at-law is an essential part of a successful legal career. When looking for summer and articling positions, law students should join a firm that provides the experiences and learning opportunities best suited to help achieve their goals in the field of law.

At McKenzie Lake, we strive to provide a diverse, practical summer experience as well as an articling program that provides extensive legal training and practical learning opportunities within all practice areas at the firm.  We view students as an investment in the future growth of McKenzie Lake.  Both summer and articling students are an integral part of our team and are valued members of the firm.

Students play an essential role at McKenzie Lake. We believe in providing a student experience that will cultivate the skills and qualities necessary to develop future associates and partners at McKenzie Lake.

Meet our 2022/23 Articling Students

We encourage you to call or email our students to get more information about the Firm to make your decision easier.

  • Anne Gover


    519-672-5666 x7382 Email Anne Gover View Anne Gover's Bio
  • Ashley Bowers


    519-672-5666 x7354 Email Ashley Bowers View Ashley Bowers's Bio
  • Elizabeth Dellio


    519-672-5666 x7454 Email Elizabeth Dellio View Elizabeth Dellio's Bio
  • Katrina Wiegers


    519-672-5666 x7403 Email Katrina Wiegers View Katrina Wiegers's Bio