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Fertility and Reproductive Law

There is no one way to start a family. Many individuals or couples are starting or expanding their families using the assistance of reproductive technology, including ova donation, sperm donation, and/or surrogacy. All of these reproductive options come with unique and complex legal considerations. Fertility and reproductive law is constantly evolving and it is critical to have specialized expertise to advise you throughout the process. 

Our lawyers can help you navigate your fertility journey, including: surrogacy agreements (for the intended parents or surrogate); ova and sperm donation contracts; declarations of parentage; pre-conception parentage agreements; and domestic contracts addressing fertility law issues in the case of a relationship breakdown.

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If you are considering using reproductive technology, or if you are a surrogate who requires independent legal advice about a surrogacy agreement, contact a member of our team by email or by telephone at (519) 672-5666 or Get Started Online. If corresponding by email, be sure to include your name and telephone number.