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Equine Law

Horses are wonderful animals and horseback riding is a great way to get exercise and clear your mind. However, there are many responsibilities that come with horse ownership, care and training. Our equine law team can help you protect your rights and avoid liability.

At McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP, we have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the unique legal issues that may arise from horse ownership and other equestrian-related activities. We can assist individuals and corporations with:

  • Property damaged caused by negligent horse ownership and care;
  • Contract disputes concerning the purchase and sale, lease, or use, custody or control of a horse;
  • Drafting waiver agreements to limit the legal liability of horse and stable owners who allow members of the public to use their facilities;
  • Recommending specific measures to be taken to ensure your horse and stable facilities are in accordance with all legislative and regulatory requirements; and
  • Advising on insurance policy and coverage requirements for horse owners.

If you require advice on these topics or have any questions about your legal rights and responsibilities with respect to horses, it is important to consult an experienced lawyer familiar with horses and equestrian activities.

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Please contact us today for an initial consultation by email or by phone at (519) 672-5666. In many cases, your legal fees are deferred until a settlement is reached. We welcome referrals from other lawyers.

Please note: If you have experienced a personal injury caused by a negligent horse, ownership or care, you can contact a member of our Personal Injury team here.