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Summer Motor Sport Safety

With the summer arriving, people are beginning to get outside and enjoy the weather. One summer pastime for many is enjoying motorized vehicles such as dirt bikes and four wheelers. While these activities can be fun, they also bring with them the possibility of serious injury. Fractures and orthopedic injuries are the most common injuries sustained through use of ATVs, and most injuries are caused by the driver or passenger being thrown from the vehicle and the vehicle rolling over onto the driver or passenger.i 

One important way to prevent injury while using these vehicles is to ensure everyone is wearing a properly fitted helmet designed for the specific activity. Studies have shown that the use of helmets with these types of vehicles is surprising low, with 0-44% of children using helmets, and 7-15% adults using helmets.ii 

Some other tips to keep in mind for keeping safe and avoiding injuries include: 

  • Age Appropriate: make sure that all legislative and manufacturer directions in relation to age restrictions on the use of vehicles are followed; 
  • Safety Gear: make sure that all the appropriate safety gear is being used. This might include: 
    • helmets, 
    • protective footwear specific for motor sports, 
    • Kevlar lined pants, 
    • chest and back protection, 
    • gloves, and
    • eye protection. 
  • Where You’re Riding: make sure that these vehicles are being used in appropriate and authorized areas; 
  • Speed: follow all speed limits which may be imposed where the vehicle is used, and if a speed limit is not imposed, make sure the speed is appropriate for the terrain; 
  • Hazards: be aware of the terrain the vehicle is being used on. Be aware of roll over and tipping risks which may be presented by the terrain; 
  • Maintenance: make sure your vehicle is in good working order and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications; 
  • Knowledge: make sure that you are properly trained on how to operate the vehicle in a safe manner; and 
  • Insurance: make sure that you have proper insurance on the vehicle. 

Advocating for Your Legal Rights  

Cases involving serious injuries require an experienced team that consists of both medical and legal professionals to ensure the injured person receives the treatment they need. Please contact a personal injury lawyer today for a free initial consultation by email or by phone at (519) 672-5666. In many cases, your legal fees are deferred until a settlement is reached. We welcome referrals from other lawyers. 

This article was written by Personal Injury Lawyer Michelle McLeod.

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ii Ibid., Introduction, p. 3. 

Jul 05, 2021