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National Injury Prevention Day

July 5, 2021 is the fifth annual National Injury Prevention Day in Canada.

An injury can be painful and inconvenient, leading to an emergency department visit or hospitalization, and time away from work or activities. However, an injury may also be life-altering, causing ongoing disability and even death.

Assess and Prevent

In many cases, injuries are predicable and preventable. At home, during leisure activities, and at work, take time to assess risks and address hazards. At home, assess where dangerous conditions exist and eliminate them. For example, if stair railings are loose or missing, or stairs are uneven, fix them. If your home has loose carpet or rugs, secure them properly to the floor. Slippery tile floors can be treated so that they don’t cause a fall when wet. Don’t wait for an “accident” to happen before addressing hazards.

When working with power tools, familiarize yourself with proper operation, and never rush through jobs that require attention and care. If you use a ladder, make sure it is properly secured before climbing, and always wear proper footwear. Ensure you are well-rested, alert, and sober when using power tools, ladders, and heavy equipment. Appropriate personal protective equipment should always be worn when operating machinery or power tools, or in hazardous environments.

During leisure activities, assess associated risks and rely on safety equipment. Using a helmet when riding a bike, skateboarding or roller blading will prevent head injury in case of a fall or crash. When boating, wear a lifejacket. Don’t go swimming alone, or leave children unattended in the water. Ensure home gym equipment is properly assembled and maintained, and has adequate space. When learning any new leisure activity or sport, take time and go slow, adjust to your age and ability, and build your confidence and skill.

At work, ensure you are familiar with your workplace safety policies, and have received proper training for any equipment you use, and are comfortable and skilled in using it. By taking the time to assess risks and address hazards, you can help prevent injury.

Know the Risks – Slips, Trips and Falls

According to the Cost of Injury in Canada 2021 report1, the leading cause of injury in Canada is slips, trips and falls. The cost of injuries from falls in 2018 was estimated at a staggering $10.3 billion.2 Prevent incidents where possible. Take the time to assess and address hazards at home, work and leisure. When away from home and walking in an unfamiliar area, stay alert, don’t rush, and be aware of risks. Take a flashlight if walking near or after dark. When walking in rural or remote locations, take routes based on your skill and fitness level, and don’t push yourself to do more than you’re comfortable with.

Advocating for Your Legal Rights   

If you are injured, and you think the incident may have been caused by the negligence of another person or entity, it is important to collect information at the scene. If you are able to, you should obtain names of witnesses, and other information, such as pictures of the incident area and injury. It is also good practice to make notes about what happened as soon as possible, while your memory is fresh.

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For more information about National Injury Prevention Day, please visit the Parachute website.