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Preventing Playground Injuries

It was recently announced by the Ontario Government that Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves will be slowly reopened to the public. With the beautiful weather and loosened restrictions, don’t forget about playground safety as you and your family travel to local and provincial parks to enjoy the sun and fresh air. 

With most outdoor activities involving children, there comes a small risk of injury. According to the Canadian Public Health Association, falls are the leading cause of hospitalization for children under the age of 18, with 7% of these injuries occurring on playgrounds.

Common Causes of Playground Injuries:

  • Poorly maintained equipment;
  • A failure to repair equipment in a timely manner;
  • Inadequate supervision;
  • Equipment design flaws;
  • An absence of or inadequate safety warnings.

Preventing Playground Injuries: Tips for Parents

  • Avoiding playgrounds in inclement weather;
  • Inspecting the equipment before using it;
  • Being aware of and reading any safety warnings;
  • Providing proper supervision while the equipment is in use.

How Does the Law Protect Your Child From Injury?

In the unfortunate event your child is injured at a park or playground, the injured can commence legal proceedings through the protections afforded by the Occupiers Liability Act. This legislation mandates that owners of property, including private owners and the government, must take reasonable steps to see that anyone entering the property is kept safe while on the premises. 

What If the Injury Was Caused by Someone Else? 

In the rare case, playground injuries may be caused by the malicious acts of others. If your child is the victim of a crime that causes injury, it is recommended to promptly contact your local law enforcement and retain the services of lawyer to pursue a monetary claim for any injuries sustained. 

What To Do if Your Child Gets Injured?  

If your child is injured in a public, private or school playground, we recommend that you promptly retain the services of a qualified personal injury lawyer. It is possible that a childhood injury will have a long-term negative impact on the injured that may carry into their adulthood and future career. 

The personal injury team at McKenzie Lake Lawyers has the experience and dedication to represent your injured child and ensure that they receive fair and just compensation for their playground injuries. We continue to be available by telephone, email, and video conferencing during the Covid-19 restrictions and welcome any new clients. 

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