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Are there any steps I can take to avoid a collision?

Sometimes accidents are caused by the failure of the other driver to abide by the rules of the road, and, unfortunately, there is not much you can do to ensure others are indeed following these rules. But there are some steps that can be taken that may reduce the chances of an accident happening.

Making your vehicle easier to be seen is one step. Ensuring your car’s front and rear lights are clear of snow will make your vehicle more visible. Often people will operate their vehicles at dusk, or even at night, with only the daylight running lights operating. When a vehicle’s dashboard lights are on, you may not realize the headlights and the rear lights are not turned on, which poses a visibility hazard.

One of the questions an insurance lawyer may ask is whether or not your brake lights were working when a Defendant’s car rear-ended yours. If the answer is yes, the next question is: how do you know? Checking to see the brake lights are working on a periodic basis is the only way to be sure.

“Slow down in bad weather” is an age-old comment, but this practice is, simply put, common sense. Daylight running lights on Canadian cars have been mandatory since December of 1989. Where the weather is bad, turning on the headlights will increase the ability of others to see your car. Left hand turns are particularly dangerous. Why not wait until you are sure the way is clear before commencing your left turn?

Driving while you are fatigued is never a good idea, given the reduction in your reaction time. The science is clear that texting while driving, and perhaps even talking on a hands-free phone, impairs your ability to react to emergency situations. Be safe.

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