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Non-Invasive Fat Loss Treatments – What You Need to Know 

These days there are numerous “non-invasive” fat loss treatments offered through various medical clinics including cosmetic skin clinics. Many of these procedures and products are dangerous and can result in serious personal injuries. 

  1. Always be sure you have a qualified healthcare practitioner 

Read up about the procedure you are about to undergo. If the documentation and research suggest that the treatment should be provided by a medical doctor, do not elect to have the procedure done by a clinician. 

This applies hair loss procedures as well. 

  1. Ensure you ask about ALL risks and side effects 

If you are about to undergo a non invasive fat loss procedure such as, radio frequency, lasers, or cooling treatments, please review all risks and side effects of the procedure prior to signing consent. You should be aware for example that first to third-degree burns are a possible risk of some of the above noted treatments. 

You will want to discuss all possible risks and side effects with the doctor prior to scheduling your appointment to have the procedure done. This will allow you to understand the risks and think about them prior to having the treatment performed. 

  1. Read the waiver 

You will be asked to sign a waiver or consent indicating that you have been advised of the risks and side effects of the treatment. Ensure that you understand the consent prior to signing it and fully ensure you are aware of the risks associated with the procedure. 

If you do not understand the waiver or consent that you have been asked to sign you should obtain independent legal advice. 

  1. If you sustain an injury 

If you have sustained an injury you should seek medical treatment immediately. The most common form of injury resulting from non-invasive fat loss procedures or hair loss procedures is skin burns. These burns can range from mild to 3rd degree burns. 

If you think that your treatment resulted in a serious injury, you should also seek legal advice. 

For more information on your legal rights regarding personal injury, feel free to contact Catherine Shearer (@guelph_injury_lawyer) at McKenzie Lake Law Firm LLP, operating in the Guelph, Ontario office.