Aboriginal Law

We help First Nations receive recognition of their rights and develop their local economies.

Across Canada the McKenzie Lake Aboriginal law team is recognized as experts in the area of First Nations law. Our team has settled many land claims, including the largest per capita land claim in Canada. We have acted on behalf of Aboriginal victims of physical and sexual assault at day and residential schools and elsewhere. We were an integral part of the Pan-Canadian settlement negotiations to redress the Indian Residential School abuse. Our team provides Aboriginal Law services throughout Canada.

Our team works together with our Aboriginal clients to share our expertise concerning the statutes and regulations which are unique to them, as well as counselling them on the special relationships they have with Canada, the provinces and municipalities.

Through our aboriginal law team, we continue to provide service to First Nations, and Aboriginal peoples in a variety of areas, including:

Treaty Claims and Aboriginal Rights Claims: We have litigated and negotiated land and treaty claims, additions to reserve (ATR), impact benefit agreements (IBA), duty to consult and accommodate agreements and self government agreements.

General Counsel: We serve as general counsel to various First Nations and Aboriginal Centres to assist them with governance and day to day issues. The conduct of Council matters is often not as routine as one would wish. Controversies occur that need experienced lawyers. We assist in the drafting of Council Resolutions, and regularly advise Councils on issues they face. We have assisted Councils in the preparation of Custom Election Codes, and have advised on election issues.

Economic Development: First Nations wish to promote and have a stake in economic development for their communities. We have guided many communities to create business development corporations, sustainable jobs and community revenues from business activities. 

Infrastructure: We have assisted First Nation communities through the complex processes of developing community infrastructure such as water and sewage works, and drafting and implementing First Nation community laws dealing with land use, business development and other local community initiatives.

Employment and Labour Issues: We have assisted communities and First Nation Councils with respect to workplace issues including such difficulties as workplace safety, developing policy manuals, bullying and harassment, collective bargaining with unions, and terminations.


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