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The Happy Lawyer Podcast Tackles Issues of Stress & Infertility

In episode 7 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast, Catherine Shearer, a personal injury lawyer at McKenzie Lake, hosts Naturopathic Doctor Kelsey Duncan for a discussion about workplace stress and the impact on fertility.

Did you know that lawyers, and other professionals with demanding, high-pressure careers, are often at a higher risk for infertility due to prolonged stress?

This episode provides useful insights and answers for working professionals, addressing questions such as:

  • Why lawyers and other high-achieving professionals are prone to infertility
  • The significant impact of stress on fertility for both women and men
  • Lifestyle factors that can negatively impact fertility
  • How age can impact infertility
  • Measures you can take to help increase fertility
  • When to reach out for help during your conception journey

Listen to Episode 7 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast and more for insights on health, work, and happiness in the legal profession and in life

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