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Season 3 Episode 1 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast: Fulfillment, Core Beliefs, and Healing Core Wounds with David Sazant

On The Happy Lawyer Podcast season 3 episode 1, host Personal Injury Lawyer Catherine Shearer is joined by lawyer and almost newly minted psychotherapist, David Sazant. The two speak about:

  • Fulfillment in law and life 
  • Aligning your career with your values and interests 
  • Identifying your value systems 
  • Identifying your core beliefs  and core wounds
  • Where our core wounds come from 
  • How core wounds hold us back 
  • How we can heal core wounds 

To listen to season 3 episode 1 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast or to see all available episodes, visit The Happy Lawyer Podcast website.

Catherine Shearer is a Personal Injury Lawyer working out of our London, Ontario and Guelph, Ontario Offices.