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Season 2 Episode 7 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast: How to Manage Mental Health with Doron Gold

On The Happy Lawyer Podcast season 2 episode 7, host Personal Injury Lawyer Catherine Shearer is joined by The Lawyer Therapist and former practicing Lawyer, Doron Gold. The two speak about:

  • His journey in law 
  • Why he left 
  • How to identify when you need a change 
  • How to identify the type of change needed 
  • Top reasons lawyers suffer with their mental health 
  • Tips on how to be happier in law 

To listen to season 2 episode 7 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast or to see all available episodes, visit The Happy Lawyer Podcast website.

Catherine Shearer is a Personal Injury Lawyer working out of our London, Ontario and Guelph, Ontario Offices.