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Season 2 Episode 1 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast: Ditching the Traditional Legal Model to Build a Better Law Firm with Leena Yousefi

Personal Injury Lawyer Catherine Shearer is back with season two of the Happy Lawyer Podcast. In this episode, Host Catherine is joined by Leena Yousefi the founder of Y Law. The two do a deep dive into how the traditional legal practice model led to burnout, mental and physical health issues, and discuss topics such as:  

  • How burnout has become the norm in the profession and why this needs to change  
  • The impacts of stress and burnout on her physical and mental heath  
  • Why she started her own practice and how it took off  
  • Why being a mom makes you a better lawyer not a liability  
  • Transition to a 4 day work week and its success 

To listen to season 2 episode 1 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast or to see all available episodes, visit The Happy Lawyer Podcast website.