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McKenzie Lake Lawyers Make Donation to Concussion Research at Western University

Researchers at Western University are changing the way to identify, treat and prevent concussions.

McKenzie Lake was proud to be recognized yesterday for our donation of $25,000 towards concussion research at Western University. Along with six other local law firms, we recognized the opportunity to help improve the treatment and management of concussions and so came together as a group, to make a larger impactful donation.

Our donation will enable Nominated Lead Investigator Dr. Arthur Brown, Principle Investigators Drs. Greg Dekaban and Mike Strong, and a dedicated team of researchers and graduate students to investigate and develop new ways to treat concussions and to hinder the devastating consequences of this injury.

This project is specific to investigating therapeutic interventions to treat concussion with a goal of preventing the damage that causes long-term negative effects. These investigations are clinically relevant and bring hope to countless individuals who suffer from concussions.

For further information about the Concussion Project, click here.