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McKenzie Lake Kicks Off United Way Campaign Efforts

We were excited to kick off our United Way Campaign this week with a packed breakfast meeting and guests from United Way Elgin Middlesex who spoke about the various efforts and initiatives underway for building a better community.

We have a number of internal fundraising initiatives planned including our popular “Donation for Dress Down Week” which starts Monday November 5th. Team McKenzie Lake continues their training as they make final preparations for the annual @Scotiabank #StairClimb event taking place at One London Place on November 8th. In addition, we have 50/50 draws happening throughout November with proceeds going to the “Give Cold Feet the Boot” campaign as well as the collection of gently used boots.

To round out our involvement, invited by Inspector Andrew Cowan of the RCMP, we attended the Lawyer Leadership Challenge kickoff yesterday. The Leadership Challenge is a friendly competition amongst local law firms to see which firm can raise the most dollars per capita. While only one law firm can win this award or the M.V.P. Award (the team with the most spirit throughout the challenge), the larger London community is the ultimate winner.

Thank you to Alice Van Deven who is leading our office initiatives (seen in the photo left) along with Chelsea Smith who was one of many who attended the kickoff event.

Go Team McKenzie Lake Go!!