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McKenzie Lake Law Firm Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Yesterday, McKenzie Lake celebrated it’s 20th anniversary by hosting an anniversary party for lawyers and staff.

The firm celebrated not only 20 years in practice, but the ongoing commitment of the firm’s partners, associates and staff that has made us who we are today.  We celebrated our growth, our travels and building a strong and incredibly vibrant client base. 

Senior Partner and past Managing Partner John McNair remarked that “twenty years ago it was an exciting time for those involved with  the merger of Ross, Bennett Lake and McKenzie Nash Bryant.  We took a leap that the two different firm personalities and cultures would mesh successfully and clearly they did.     The firm has continued to expand organically and by bringing in teams with specialized  expertise.  We have lost some good people because of other opportunities which presented themselves over the years and members of the firm have gone to the bench and come back from the bench.  We continue to attract the highest quality of people not just at the lawyer level, but the staff level in particular.  We continue to look for ways to improve the service we give our clients and the working experience that McKenzie Lake offers for both staff and lawyers alike.  It looked like a promising opportunity in 1998 and looks even better in 2018 in my view”.

Partner Michael Peerless said a few words about his team joining the firm five years ago.  “This is a fantastic place to be and working with a great group of people that you like and respect and share the same group of values with is fabulous”.

Congratulations to the Partners for building such a rich firm history and setting the stage for focussing on the future.