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Episode 30 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast: Facing Career Challenges with Jasmine Daya.

On this episode of The Happy Lawyer Podcast, Personal Injury Lawyer Catherine Shearer chats with Toronto based lawyer Jasmine Daya about: 

  • Her law school and unique articling experience 
  • How she fell into her practice area and loves it
  • The difficulties of being a  junior lawyer 
  • Navigating mothering and a law practice 
  • The why and how of opening her own firm 
  • How she manages multiple side hustles 

This insightful conversation covers: 

  • The pros and cons of private practice; 
  • Leaving the linear career mindset behind; 
  • Why a law degree is a license to think outside the box, and much more. 

To listen to episode 30 of The Happy Lawyer Podcast or to see all available episodes, visit The Happy Lawyer Podcast website.

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