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How We Help our Clients Recover After an Accident

All accidents have consequences, but some are farther-reaching and longer-lasting than others. At McKenzie Lake Lawyers our team of highly skilled, dedicated and experienced Personal Injury lawyers are not only devoted to assisting our clients to receive just compensation to which they are entitled, but also to helping them to recover and rebuild their lives after enduring life-altering injuries. 

After years of  supporting  injured clients and working with fantastic local and provincial  healthcare professionals, we have established a diverse and far-reaching contact network. We refer to these healthcare professionals to help coordinate and provide excellent care to our clients. 

To help ensure our clients can focus on their recovery, we take care of the lawsuit process to ensure our clients are compensated for any injuries they  have suffered. A much more detailed conversation about damages in a lawsuit can be found in my article “Understanding Damages for Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Case in Ontario” here

We also handle any claims for Statutory Accident Benefits to ensure our clients are not missing out on any benefits they are entitled to, which can assist their recovery. The Statutory Accident Benefits are no-fault benefits that are required to be included in all auto insurance policies in Ontario. These benefits allow a person injured in an accident, irrespective of fault, access to medical and rehabilitation benefits, income replacement and other benefits to assist that person on the road to recovery. A detailed discussion about the different types of Statutory benefits can be found in my article “What are Statutory Accident Benefits?” here.   

Finally, we seek to ensure that our clients are placed within the appropriate category of Statutory Accident Benefits, because the amounts and durations of these benefits will differ, usually based on the severity of the injury. In Ontario, there are currently three levels of Statutory Accident Benefits, minor injury, non-catastrophic injury, and catastrophic injury. The insurance company determines which category a victim’s injury is to be classified, so we fight to make sure that our clients receive the amount, duration, and types of benefits that they need to recover. Moreover, if a client has been placed in the wrong category of benefits we will work to make sure they are placed in the correct benefit category.    

We take pride in our approach to  help our clients on their road to recovery. We manage the entire injury claim process, beginning to end so our clients can focus on getting better. Our clients are supported by our entire team of knowledgeable lawyers, law clerks, and legal assistants. Our clients are assessed by and receive treatment and care from the finest doctors, vocational specialists, and rehabilitation professionals in Ontario. 

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident, contact  Louis DelSignore to schedule a free consultation. 

This article was written by Personal Injury Lawyer Louis DelSignore and Articling Student Skylar Oldreive.