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Episode 0 – An Introduction to Obiter Podcast


Melissa Won and Patrick Clancy are joined by fellow lawyer Jim Elsley to discuss the purpose and goals behind our new firm podcast Obiter.

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Jim Elsley (00:05):

In a, in a perfect world. What would this podcast be?

Patrick Clancy (00:08):

There’s a lot of lawyers here at the firm that have interesting and entertaining law stories, law related stories, uh, from their career that risk not getting passed on. There’s certainly younger lawyers around here that it’s not been passed on to and I think it’d be a shame if they weren’t memorialized in some way.

Melissa Won (00:30):

I think for people even outside the firm though, that may not know the lawyers that well, I think it’s kind of cool to show a personal side,

Patrick Clancy (00:37):

Uh, human side, right? Yeah. Humanize lawyers in a way that people might not expect. Cause I think some people think, you know, we’re just robots programed to execute on the law for our clients.

Jim Elsley (00:52):

Yeah. That’s just one piece of the puzzle. Right. Everyone’s brought their unique, diverse backgrounds to this and, and you know, the, the job we do is, is kind of one of many facets or one of many steps.

Patrick Clancy (01:06):

Yeah. And I hope to like this podcast shed some light on maybe the modern lawyer or even the traditional lawyer for that matter. Maybe it’s not what the average person thinks a lawyer is. Try and just shed some light on who we are as people as well and not just professionals.

Jim Elsley (01:25):

Well, you’ve always had that analogy of us being like train engineers, train comes in, that’s our client or the project, you know, we pop out with, uh, our legal tools, do our little piece and uh, in a way the train goes kind of the story of the lawyer, I guess, gets lost in the mix there.

Patrick Clancy (01:43):

We talk sometimes in this office about how we’re almost jealous of our clients. Right. Hundred percent and you know what Jim was saying like that, we just want to hop on that train sometimes, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. For sure. I wish we were riding it too.

Jim Elsley (01:56):

We play our role, but we, you know, no ticket.

Melissa Won (02:00):

No. So I think the hope at the end of the day is just that people find lawyers even more relatable, but more approachable, but more accessible. They’re not these people that people need to feel intimidated around or uncomfortable.

Patrick Clancy (02:15):

And there is probably ways we could even expand the podcast beyond just the lawyers at the firm.

Melissa Won (02:19):

For sure. We could, we could do a client series, how they’ve come to do what they do and the struggles that they’ve faced.

Patrick Clancy (02:26):

Yeah. So let’s do it. I’m excited.