Careers For Lawyers

Continuing to build and expand our talented workforce is critical.

We understand that our success is built upon the unique skills, perspectives, experiences, and values of each individual. So, we’re committed to facilitating professional and personal growth while fostering an environment of true teamwork.

We believe that an inspired workspace inspires work. So we’ve created a vibrant, modern office, complete with open spaces that stimulate dialogue and where collaboration organically grows. Ultimately helping people connect. Our workspaces also feature all the latest technology to make your job easier, creating a comfortable backdrop for our teams’ work life.


The key to any law firm’s success is its people. At Mckenzie Lake, lawyers are valued and supported not only for their hard work on the job, but also for their personal accomplishments and commitment to their communities. People simply want to be around people they like, and when people like each other there is a lot of benefit that comes to both sides of the relationship.

– Sabrina Lombardi