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Sponsorship of the BresciaLEAD Awards

At McKenzie Lake, we are proud supporters of women and leaders, and so we are happy to announce that we are Bronze sponsors for the BresciaLEAD Awards.

The Awards, which take place on April 7th, at 6pm, serve to recognize women leaders from coast to coast. These women are leaders who embody the Brescia values, such as wisdom, justice, and compassion in a changing world. The Awards not only hope to recognize the leaders of today, but to challenge future generations of women to innovate and think in new ways to become great leaders. The BresciaLEAD Awards ceremony features keynote speaker, Geena Davis, who will speak on the importance of female empowerment worldwide.

At McKenzie Lake, we feel it is incredibly important to recognize those who push the boundaries in order to create and become something great. Leaders are people who we can look up to, people who can help us achieve our goals and work together effectively.