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Meet Willow Our Adopt-A-Pony from SARI

We are proud to introduce the sweetest and largest member of our McKenzie Lake community. Willow is our adopted pony through the Adopt-A-Pony Program at SARI Therapeutic Riding. We have been sponsoring Willow for two years now to support her needs so that she can do the important work of bringing joy and support to the riders at SARI.  

SARI’s head instructor has recently sent us a bio about Willow so that we can all get to know her better! 

Willow is our gentle giant, she is our biggest horse but with her sweet gentle personality her size is easily overlooked. Willow plays a critical role in our program through supporting some of our larger adult riders who would otherwise be unable to participate in the life changing experience of horseback riding. “Willy” is extremely attuned to her riders’ emotions and very perceptive of her environment at all times which is a very important quality in a therapy horse. I have one rider who as soon as she sees Willow immediately lights up and begins to tell Willow how much she missed her that week, how pretty she is and what a good girl she is. It is so special to witness horse rider bonds like that!  All her riders love her extremely smooth trot, I can attest I would like to ride her slow trot all day! Willow has stolen many of our hearts and she can’t wait to be back in the arena with her riders! 

To see a day in the life of willow check out SARI’s YouTube Channel here: Live with Willow 

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