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Introducing Settify, a New Service That Is Here for Our Family Law Clients Whenever They Need

McKenzie Lake Lawyers is pleased to announce the launch of Settify, a new, convenient way for clients to connect with our Family Law team.

When a person realizes they need a family lawyer, it is often because they are dealing with a challenging situation. Navigating periods of transition in life and relationships can be stressful; finding the right lawyer shouldn’t be. That’s why we are excited to announce this on-boarding platform. It will help those seeking family law advice to quickly connect with one of our experienced lawyers and get started on their path forward.

Settify, our new A.I.-powered onboarding platform, guides prospective clients through a simple questionnaire process, answering their questions and collecting information that we will use to determine the best lawyer for their unique situation. Potential clients can complete this secure questionnaire at their convenience and from their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To access this new service, those seeking family law counsel can visit this webpage to get started.

After the questionnaire is submitted, Settify compiles a complete brief and sends it to the appropriate family lawyer at our firm for them to review before an initial consultation with the potential client. This means that when the lawyer meets with the potential client for the first time, they will already have a good understanding of the situation, the different parties involved, what challenges the potential client is facing and what they hope to achieve. This will make the first meeting more productive and beneficial for the potential client.

“When someone is reaching out to our family law team, it is often because they are going through an extremely challenging time in their life. We decided to implement this new platform to make it easier for people in these situations to get appropriate legal advice,” says Matthew Villeneuve, Family Law Department Head and Associate Managing Partner of McKenzie Lake. “It’s part of our commitment to being here for our clients. Settify provides clients with an easy way to connect with our team and provide information to inform the lawyer before the first meeting. Clients can fill out the secure form whenever is most convenient. We are, of course, still happy to speak with potential clients over the phone or to connect through email. But we are pleased to offer this additional option, available 24/7 every day of the year.”

Settify is an easy-to-use platform that interacts with family law clients in real-time to deliver bespoke guidance on relevant legal issues and integrates the clients’ background information which will be provided to their lawyer. Developed in 2017 by a team of family lawyers in Australia, Settify has since been adopted by more than 350+ law firms around the world and used by more than 70,000 clients. The platform has recently been adapted for use in Ontario family law practices.

“Settify is certainly an innovative piece of technology,” says Matthew, “but what I am most excited about is the idea of being here for potential family law clients whenever they need us. This platform is a streamlined, efficient way for clients to engage with our lawyers and secure effective advice.”

McKenzie Lake’s family law group is the largest in Southwestern Ontario. We offer a team-based approach that ensures your matter receives the specialized advice and expertise it deserves. Learn more about our Family Law team.