Hernia Mesh Class Proceeding

Certain models of Hernia Mesh used for the repair of hernias in both men and women are associated with increased risk of serious injury including mesh erosion and migration, infection, urinary problems, bowel obstructions, painful intercourse and other problems which may lead to a significant decrease in quality of life due to discomfort and pain (“injuries, conditions and complications”).

There are many manufactures and numerous models of surgical hernia mesh products.  McKenzie Lake is pursuing litigation against multiple manufacturers in respect of certain of their Hernia Mesh Products, on behalf of all Canadians who have been implanted with these products. The lawsuits allege that the manufacturers knew or ought to have known of the injuries, conditions and complications associated with these hernia mesh products and they continued to manufacture, market and sell these products without adequately warning consumers, the medical community and/or regulators about these risks.

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Update re: Covidien Hernia Mesh Class Action: March 14, 2022

This update is to advise potential class members of the dismissal of this particular action, as it is no longer necessary in light of Colleen Brunelle, et. al. v. Medtronic Canada, et. al., Court File No. CV-17-577976-00CP (“Brunelle Action”), which involves similar claims and defendants.

As plaintiffs’ counsel in this action and the Brunelle Action have agreed to work cooperatively, nothing is required from you at this time, as your potential claim will be pursued in the Brunelle Action.


Update re: Sepramesh Hernia Mesh Class Action: November 23, 2022

On June 15, 2017, a proposed class action was commenced in Ontario against Davol Inc., C.R. Bard Inc., Bard Canada Inc., Genzyme Corporation, and Sanofi S.A., with respect to Sepramesh products, a form of surgical mesh product that was used in hernia repairs.

On November 4, 2022, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice approved a discontinuance of the action against Sanofi S.A., on a without costs and without prejudice basis. The discontinuance relates only to Sanofi S.A. The action will continue against the other defendants.

For more information regarding this proposed class action, please contact McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP at christina.noble@mckenzielake.com or 1-844-672-5666.


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