GM Recall Body Control Module Class Action: (Piccolo)

Update, dated August 31, 2023:

This proposed Class Action was discontinued on May 18, 2023.  Please note that as of May 18, 2023, the limitation period is no longer stayed and you should contact a lawyer in your area if you wish to proceed with an individual action against the Defendants. Please review the Notice of Discontinuance for more information about your rights.

Click here for a copy of the Order of Justice Perell, dated May 18, 2023.  

This proposed class action concerns the negligent and dangerous design, manufacture and installation of the body control module in the following vehicles:

ChevroletMalibu2004 to 2012
ChevroletMalibu Maxx2004 to 2007
PontiacG62005 to 2010
SaturnAura2007 to 2010

On May 16, 2014, GM/GMC announced that increased electrical resistance can develop in the body control module connection system which may cause the brake lamps to illuminate without the brake pedal being depressed, or not illuminate when the brake pedal is depressed. This could also interfere with cruise control, ABS and/or vehicle stability control function. Failure of the brake lights to illuminate when the brake pedal is depressed or erratic brake lamp function could increase the risk of a crash causing property damage and/or personal injury.

The plaintiffs allege that GM and GMC were negligent in the design, manufacture and installation of the body control module in the Vehicles which was a dangerous defect.

The statement of claim was issued June 2, 2014