McKenzie Lake Lawyers launch Facebook page for those affected by the 2011 Manitoba flood and class action lawsuit

McKenzie Lake Lawyers has launched a Facebook page to communicate with individuals from 4 First Nations affected by the 2011 Manitoba flood. 

Individuals from the Dauphin River, Lake St. Martin, Little Saskatchewan and Pinaymootang (Fairford) First Nations are represented by McKenzie Lake in a class action lawsuit against the Government of Manitoba, the Government of Canada and the Manitoba Association of Native Firefighters for damages suffered as a result of the massive flood in 2011 that caused the evacuation of many residents of the 4 First Nations.

Individuals from these 4 First Nations are suing for personal losses related to the flooding as well as personal suffering as a result of their protracted evacuation and displacement from their homes and communities.

For more information on the 2011 Manitoba flood class action lawsuit, visit the Facebook page