McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP Launch National GM Recall Awareness Campaign

McKenzie Lake Lawyers LLP have launched a national advertising campaign in October, aimed at raising awareness around a GM ignition switch recall. The campaign includes television, print, direct mail and online ads that urge Canadians to seek legal advice if they were injured, or a loved one was injured or killed, in an accident involving a recalled GM vehicle.

GM has recalled 2.6 million affected vehicles, and more than 1 million are still on the road unrepaired. They are also facing heavy criticism for waiting 11 years to begin recalling vehicles, even though they were aware of the safety defects previously.

The problem occurs when the ignition switch slips out of the run position, stalling the vehicle and disabling the power steering and air bags. At least $400 million dollars has been set aside by GM to settle with victims injured or killed in the vehicles affected by this safety defect. So far, the recall program has received 1,580 claims, deeming 30 death claims and 31 injury claims eligible for compensation.

“We are committed to raising awareness about the ignition switch recall, and are urging Canadians with affected vehicles to have them repaired,” said Class Action Lawyer Michael Peerless. “We are also encouraging anyone who was seriously injured or has a loved one who was seriously injured or killed in a recalled GM vehicle to contact us.”

In addition to the traditional and digital advertising campaigns, McKenzie Lake is running a dedicated website at: The website includes information on the specific vehicles affected, who qualifies for compensation and how to get in touch with the GM Recall Group at McKenzie Lake. Our GM Recall number is 1-844-CLAIM-55 (1-844-252-4655). The deadline to make a claim for compensation for serious personal injury/death is December 31, 2014.

If you would like to speak to one of our GM Recall Group members, please feel free to contact us by filling out a contact form at or calling us at 1-844-CLAIM 55.