Guardrails May Present Safety Concerns

In February 2014, a class action was commenced against Trinity Industries, Inc. on behalf of Canadian entities who purchased allegedly secretly modified and defective ET-Plus guardrail end terminals.  The claim alleges that sometime in or around early 2005, in order to save on manufacturing costs, the ET-Plus guardrail end terminals were secretly modified, including reducing the feeder chute from 5 inches to 4 inches.  It is further alleged that the modifications do not allow the guardrail to properly feed through the chute.  Essentially, the guardrail locks in the feed chute channel and/or head during impact, which can result in serious injury during a collision. 

It is believed that there are tens of thousands of these defective, secretly modified, ET-Plus guardrail end terminals on the highways, as well as provincial and municipal roadways, across Canada.  Some provinces have now suspended the use of ET-Plus guardrail end terminals from their list of approved products.  See today’s City of Stratford’s story on investigating cost for fixing or replacing guardrails. 

Additionally, see the National Post to read more about Trinity Industries ET-Plus guardrail terminals and the proposed class action.

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