Destination Marketing Fees – Class Action

Destination Marketing Fees

These class actions seek compensation on behalf of individuals who were charged a destination marketing fee (DMF) at various Canadian hotels.

The claims allege that the Defendants made false, misleading and deceptive representations and conducted unfair practices regarding the collection of a DMF in Canada.  In addition, the claims also alleges that the Defendants unlawfully interfered with the economic interests of Canadian consumers, and have been unjustly enriched by way of the unlawful collection of the said fee.

Niagara Falls Class Action

National Class Action


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If you were charged a Destination Marketing Fee (DMF) as part of your hotel invoice or similar travel bills and were not advised of the fee being voluntary, please contact us directly by email or by phone at 1-844-672-5666 for further information. If corresponding by email, be sure to include your name, your telephone number and a brief message.